The WEF 2016 Human Capital report states that 41% of jobs in South Africa are susceptible to automation or mechanisation. Technology has increased job opportunities and productivity levels in knowledge-intensive sectors, while AI and robotics will replace repetitive, dangerous and labour-intensive jobs. Business leaders need to have the foresight to see past the false assumption that uneducated workers can’t learn new complex processes with the help of simulators and augmented reality.


South African futurist and speaker Mic Mann has a deep understanding of various exponential technologies – such as AI, blockchain, robotics – and how they can help to solve some of the grand challenges facing Africa and the world. 

Mic encourages his audiences to embrace exponential thinking in order to navigate this increasingly disruptive business landscape. As an entrepreneur and the co-founder of Mann Made, an experiential brand agency, he helps multinational global companies leapfrog their businesses from 0 to 1, by imparting and workshopping his knowledge on how the future of work and the role of the professional will change. His talks are tailor-made to suit his audiences.



Entrepreneur Mic Mann explains how he leapfrogged his company, Mann Made, and how you can too with the help of his talks, each of which are tailored for your unique business landscape. 



Learn how to implement an exponential mindset and company culture for your business with practical and tailor-made workshops lead by futurist Mic Mann.

"I was intrigued when I heard the title of Mic’s talk, but never expected to be so inspired and to leave with such a positive outlook about our future. 'It’s a great time to be alive,' as Mic says."

Benjamin Schoderer
Digital Manager at Yum! International Restaurants


Mic believes that the future will be abundant as the power and potential of exponential technologies increase and their price gradually drop to zero, ultimately democratising numerous industries and improving the lives of all.

As co-founder of Mann Made – an award-winning experiential brand agency that has worked with top global and local Fortune 500 companies – Mic Mann has 19 years of experience in the media, marketing and eventing industry. Mic is a prolific speaker and strategist on exponential technologies, the future of work and the changing role of professionals.

After completing the Singularity University Executive Programme in 2015, he realised that in order to #futureproofAfrica we need to embrace exponential technologies. He subsequently brought the SingularityU South Africa Summit – the first of its kind on the continent – to South Africa. Mic’s passions are entrepreneurship and break-through technologies. He is also involved in the local start-up and maker community.


Mic is no stranger to the airwaves, media and blogosphere. Here you can listen to his radio interviews and read his articles about how you – as an entrepreneur – should be embracing exponential technologies in your business and how they’re impacting the future. 


Here you can keep up with the latest trends in the exponential technologies space, how they are changing the way we think and do business, and how they will predict the future.

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